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Let me count the ways...

Things I love:

  1. Jim Jarmusch: Ghost Dog, Coffee and Cigarettes, Dead Man. Apparently there are people out there who hate JJ which is freaky. I love him so much that I don't understand how anyone could hate him. Is it like David Lynch? For years I loathed David Lynch (Lost Highway? Fuck off, you wanker), then I saw Mulholland Drive and I was all, yup, you completely rule. But it's important to get on board with Ghost Dog and embrace Forrest Whitaker's portrayal of a pigeon fancying samurai. I don't care how ridiculous that sounds, it must be done.
  2. Smoking weed. I haven't smoked you much recently, but don't think I've forgotten about you, my adorable old friend. You make me laugh. You make me forgetful. You make watching TV, going to movies, reading books (and porn) that much better. You never make me cry. You don't give me headaches. You make me feel altogether great and happy and lazy as hell.
  3. Orson the cat. Better than any boyfriend I've ever had, although incredibly dumb. And not very loyal.
  4. White wine. My epitaph shall read: "She liked to drink." We came up with it years ago and it still stands.
  5. Clark and Lex. I'm really just a guest in fandom, on the outskirts looking in, marvelling at this crazy world. And why? Because of the pretty, sexy boys of Smallville and the amazing women who write about them. *happy sigh*
  6. My girlfriends. They're the absolute best! Bright, brilliant, beautiful. Funny, fabulous, funky. Intelligent, inimitable, inebriated (whenever I'm around, anyway).
  7. F. Scott Fitzgerald. Recently fell in love here, via The Great Gatsby. What a writer. "He's so dumb he doesn't know he's alive." Hahahaha.
  8. Keanu Reeves. He tries so hard I just can't not love him. And I thought he was excellent in Constantine. Like, totally excellent. I saw it yesterday and I most liked Constantine's moodiness and chain smoking. You rock, Keanu!
  9. Vice Magazine's Dos and Don'ts.
  10. My dictionary. When anyone's like, yo Kate, what does this word mean, I get all excited and head off to get my dictionary. Then I educate everyone and we're all, hey, learning new things is awesome!
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