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Is the porn I write really all that gay?

As you know, my stories are really all about the porn. It's my little niche and I'm happy about that.

I have a lot of male friends and several of them have read stories of mine (although a few are too scared to). Why do I share my gay porn with boys? Well, the kind of boys I know and like are open minded, intellectual and interested in what I'm up to. I'm shameless and I'm proud of my stories and I like my friends to really *know* me, which means they need to know *everything* about me. I don't have secrets. I couldn't date a guy who didn't know or who wasn't cool with it. And actually, I don't even *know* anyone who isn't cool with it, which is, I guess, lucky, given how private I know a lot of you are about this part of your life. (If my dad ever finds out though, EEP.)

So I was chatting to a lovely guy I know, who's not actually a close friend but a friend of a friend, and he asked to read one of my stories, so I sent him The Fire In Me, which, if you've read it, you'll know is the porniest, dirtiest porn EVER and it contains, hee, *felching*. YAY! Now, this guy is an academic who teaches in a university in London, and he really is very very cool AND he sent me some feedback:

In all honesty, and I remain ungay, I thought the Fire in Me was really excellent!  I  thought Clark really believable and likeable. It is funny in places too.  And yes, OK, although it's full on gay action, I found it pretty sexy as I could identify with Clark's thoughts and feelings but I was, I think, substituting a woman for Lex in my mind while reading. This was a surprisingly (for me) easy leap to make (thinks "agh - am I gay?!") so I conclude that you must have got the essence right.  Or.... You are writing as a heterosexual (at least in part, I assume) woman and therefore draw on the same experiences (albeit from a different, ahem, angle) for your writing as a heterosexual male reader does in reading. What do you think?

And I responded with the following:

Interesting... although I haven't done half the shit the boys do in my stories, hee. I think it's possible that the fact that the story is written by a woman would make it more palatable to a straight male reader than your average gay porn made by gay men. It's not just about two guys fucking, it's a heterosexual woman's *fantasy* about two guys fucking. Several of my male friends have read stories of mine with interest and have all agreed that they were hot. I think the *main* reason for this is that I understand how to write erotica (at a basic level, the same rules apply whether it be straight or gay porn: pacing, chemistry, sexual tension, buildup, language, believability, emotional truth, intense mutual desire between the protagonists, and the ability to portray all that in a sexy way. The sex of the pairing is neither here nor there if you have all the other ingredients). But secondly, I think the boys knew they weren't reading just some gay porn. They were reading porn written by a woman and it just so happened to be gay. Pete, my flatmate, pointed it out to me once, saying my stories were heterosexual because they're a female fantasy, written for other women.

What do you guys think about that? I doubt many of you know straight men who've read gay porn, but to me, it's the same as me finding well written lesbian porn hot, despite being straight. And the L Word? Makes me want to have sex with women, because it gets the erotica so very right. But yeah, is the gay porn I/we write really just heterosexual porn in disguise?

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