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Lex and Lana FOREVA!

I've been doing some thinking since I watched SV yesterday and you know what? Lexana is the new Clex.

Lex knows he needs to stop thinking about Lana. He knows it because she's off limits and despite the disintegration of his friendship with Clark, he doesn't have any desire to *hurt* Clark. Well, not *really*. Of course, it's possible that his growing obsession with this girl has something to do with revenge, but that's neither here nor there. He wants her. He dreams about her. He wants to take Clark's place. And it's starting to drive him a little crazy.

Especially when she catches him staring at her and he has to quickly look away, but not before he notices that mildly uncomfortable look flickering across those perfect features. Clark doesn't deserve her. He lies to her like he's been lying to Lex for *years* and it makes him sick that she just takes it. That's not the sort of relationship a girl like Lana deserves. She deserves the world handed to her on a platter and only Lex has the means and the determination to give her just that.

Lex wonders if Clark even fucks her. When he tries to picture it, it makes his head hurt; it's easier to assume they don't have sex.

God, Lex really wants to fuck her. He wants to fuck her like she'll never be fucked by anyone else. Get her so wet, so hot, that she'd just let him do whatever he wanted. Every position, every which way. He'll fuck her mouth, her pussy, her tight little ass. He'll eat her out and make her come so hard that she'll never even *remember* what it was like to want Clark.

It's getting to the point where Lex might actually have to make a move. It's consuming him and he's made the mistake before of not going after what he wanted and he'll probably never get over that. This time it's going to be different. This time he'll take take take until he's got everything his heart desires. This time...

He flicks open his cellphone and brings up Lana's number. Hits OK.

"Hi Lex," she answers, cheerfully.

"Lana. Can you come by the mansion tonight? There's something I want to show you."

"Sure. What is it?"

"It's a surprise."

When he hangs up, he makes his way upstairs and strips. Time to take a shower...

Tags: fic, fic: sv
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