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Beautiful men picspam!

I've been wanting screencaps for a certain section of I Robot for months now and I casually mention this to toadstoolsmiles  and two seconds later, she's all *ping* here they are. To celebrate, I thought I'd post pictures of a few men who, quite simply, have the most beautiful bodies you'll ever see.  No one minds, right?

Will Smith, in I Robot.

(Caps found here.) Seriously, he's a god. I'm not normally into really big guys, but on Will, yesyesyes. He is a *beautiful* man.


Matt Damon in The Bourne Identity

Okay, I cheated here because he's wearing a vest but LOOK AT HIS ARM.


Paul Walker

Not normally a PW fan, but I am a sucker for a gorgeous smile and a sexy body, and he looks so hot in this photo.




Amazing physique.


Brad Pitt

Again, I'm not a massive Brad fan, but he does have the most incredible body I've ever seen.



Here's three different versions of this shot because it's a favourite of mine.



Random Calvin Klein ads


The divine Clark Kent

All SV caps by oxoniensis. </span>


The gorgeous Lex Luthor


Beautiful, beautiful Tom

Happy Sunday everyone!!

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