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SV S5 Lockdown

I finally managed to find a (albeit crappy) dl for ep 99, and YAY! Spoilers and thoughts behind the cut.

Yes, Lex, Clark DOES have nice hair. The kind of hair you want to grab hold of and run your fingers though while he's sucking your cock.

Okay, the B story. Been there, done that. Jonathan found out quickly - before any suspense could be built up - that Martha had taken money from Lionel, and, as he always does, he spoke at length about not wanting to be like his enemies (yawn), and then the story arc (?) gets wrapped up at the end of the episode with a cheque and so I guess Bo will pay Lionel back and nothing will change. NEAT. Of course, Jonathan is completely right about Lionel - Martha shouldn't have taken the money. Because Lionel is a very bad man. Thing is though, now that he's been paid back, will Lionel still try to "get something in return"? And do I really care? It's all a bit disappointing really - the potential to do something interesting with that story was there and then they just pulled a SV and resolutely kept Jonathan's character in the same static, platitude-spouting rut he's been in since S1. Let's see some actual *drama* please. I want some real fall out because of what Martha did. They barely even argued!

Lexana. I'm against it on principle, because I'm starting to like Lana a lot more this season but I'll never like the way she's portrayed as Miss Smallville, the most desirable perfect saintly wonderous princess to ever grace our screens. So Lex being in love with her (that's where this is going, right?) irritates me.

That said, it was done very effectively in Lockdown. Okay, I can never get enough of sweaty, bleeding, open shirted, sexy voiced Lex, and the two actors DO have chemistry with each other, so at least Lexana isn't *painful* (even if I'm not deliriously happy about it). I like how they're building up Lana's attraction to Lex. Currently, it's not sexual, but OMG if Clark keeps being a giant fag and keeps refusing to fuck her, then one day she's going to catch Lex checking out her ass and she's gonna feel it all the way down. She's not the sexless prude we'd been led to think she was after all. "Clark, for the love of God, please fuck me," I think is how the dialogue went in that early scene. "It's complicated." No it's not, Clark. It's very simple. YOU'RE GAY.

Clark's jealousy is wonderful and it's almost palpable how much he hates Lex and Lana spending time together and being close and having secrets. I choose the slashy interpretation, that Clark is jealous because Lana has taken his place in Lex's life. His friendship with Lex, finally, seems to be well and truly dead. He was barely concerned about Lex's injury, and Lex himself spoke about his dream when he and Clark were friends again (the smile on his face in that scene KILLED ME DED). But we know, don't we. We know that Lex is far more important to Clark than Lana will ever be, and deep down, Clark knows that. Okay, they're gonna hate each other passionately, but there's a fine line people. A fine gay line.

Oh, and the bit at the beginning when Clark says he can't imagine loving anyone else but Lana and then Lois drives up? SV has to stop being so predictably cheesy. We get it already.

I also can't stand hearing about Clark's undying love for Lana, but only because it breaks my heart a little, because he's *totally* fucking things up with her, and he *knows* it and he doesn't know what to do about it. Poor confused Clark. Listen to Chloe, dumbass! Tell your girlfriend!

Just kidding. I don't want Lana to know any more than you do. I want Clark to fuck things up with her because then they'll break up and we can all have a party.

ETA. WAH! The sheriff! I was just thinking about how much I loved her and then BAM. *weeps*

Right! *rubs hands together* Now I go read your Lockdown posts!

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