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Random Friday things

Bex posted a story where, get this, Clark is *wearing a suit* (yep, that's right. We ALL love Clark in a suit) and he goes to yell at Lex about something and Lex ends up using the cheesiest pickup line ever on him (and because it's toadstoolsmiles writing it, it's just genius and hilarious and UBER HOT) and then, because the pickup line *totally worked on Clark*, in achingly slow detail, Lex *undresses* Clark, leaving him only in an unbuttoned shirt with the tie still tied, and Clark is SO turned on and just *obedient*. And then they fuck.

I'm not crazy right? That's like, the BEST THING YOU'VE EVER HEARD. This is the first Suit Porn I've read and I hope to GOD it's not the last. I love my girl for writing suit porn.


Season 2 of House started on tv here last night! And yes, I'm still hot for that bitchy, crippled junkie. *cheats on all my other tv boyfriends and feels dirty about it*


Pete has guests staying over the weekend. They're French and I don't speak French, so I'm kind of dreading having to be a scintillating party guest tonight, especially seeing as how all I want to do is go home, crack open a bottle of wine, download Smallville, write porn (maybe finish my ice cream story for thamiris ), watch Smallville, and then squee like a crazy person because, although I avoid spoilers like the plague, I couldn't help but notice the (so far) positive reaction to Lock Down. OMG I'm so excited! When did it become acceptable to be so ridiculously excited about Smallville? WHO CARES! Judge me as much as you like!

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