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Jared wins!

I am reeling about the asskicking Jared is getting in kho's Jared vs Jensen poll. What is UP with that? Jared is insanely sexy. He has a dirty, dirty voice that creeps into your soul and makes you want to imagine him doing filthy things to pretty much anybody. He's a porn star. (Not quite as much of a porn star as Tom, but it's close.) So I'm not having it. I'm doing my own poll which Jared cannot lose. But first, please check out how totally hot he is.

"Suck my cock."



Could he spread any wider? Uh, no.


That's the sexiest pose ever! Holy fuck! Come ON people! Look at those low slung jeans! GAH!



A little smirk and all the girls go wild.


All hands on dick!


Sooooo pretty. Look at the colour of his skin.



Classic Jared shots. I don't think he's ever looked hotter...



... except here. In the cowboy hat. What's with all the gay cowboys at the moment? They're everywhere and I love it!


This has nothing to do with my poll. And in fact, Jensen wins this by a landslide. GUH.


This also has nothing to do with my poll. But look at how much they love each other!


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