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Supernatural Episode Crazy Evangelists!

I went to a wine tasting tonight. I think we tried about 20 different wines but by the end I was so drunk I was like, "oh shit, I forgot to smell it. Is this a good one? It tastes like the last one. This one's better? More peach? Oh YEAH. I can taste the peach. I'll take a case of the sparkling Sauvignon please. Fuck, I'm gonna miss my bus and the new season of Desperate Housewives is on in twenty minutes. Screw you guys, I'm going home." Desperate Housewives is so crappy, fyi. I hate it yet can't look away. Teri Hatcher is a COMEDY VOID. Why do they keep insisting she do physical comedy? It's both painful and depressing.

The blonde in this episode was Darla! Awesome! Who gives a crap about all her embarrassingly bad dialogue! It was DARLA!

I love Sam.

The grim reaper was more cute than scary.

The plot was so predictable that if you had been in the room with me and if we had been watching it together, I would have told you exactly what was about to happen just before it happened to the point where you would have been all, "shut the hell up Kate, you're ruining it for me."


Why didn't Dean kiss Darla? I *think* she wanted him to. She certainly *seemed* to find him attractive. Oh wait. Is it because his heart belongs to another? (Theirs is a love that can never be.)

Sam is TALL.

That bit when he was sneaking around and being tall and hot? My favourite bit.

Lots of boy touching! Dean: "Get off me." Sam: "But you feel so *good*."

Holy crap. I think I might need a Jared Porn Star icon. *waits*

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