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It's Jensen day today! *blames it on the boogie*

I won't lie, my attraction to Jensen Ackles wavers. I *like* him, but I don't *luuuurve* him, like say, the way I lurve Tommy, Mikey, Wentworth and Jared. So this picspam is for luvmax1  and the rest of you Jensen bitches on my flist. Oh, and if you're also a Luke Perry fan? TODAY'S YOUR LUCKY DAY.


Many of these pics I got from this site, fyi.

I am digging the longer hair, I really am. It looks pretty on him.


Priceless. There is nothing in this photo that I don't love. 


Here he looks seriously hot. I cannot and will not deny it.


I want to wrap him up, take him home, and hide him in my closet.


He's looking right at me! And he's got his legs spread! *blinks several times just to make sure*


Is homosexuality contagious? Because I think I just caught it from this picture.


I remember when that hairstyle was all the rage with boys. GOOD TIMES.


Does he really love wearing white shirts or are these all from the same photo shoot?


No comment.

Dear God, please let my Supernatural costar be hot and gay. Love, Jensen.


If you don't find his hair cute in this picture, you're dead inside.


He's smiling! And leaning! These are both great great things!


In Dark Angel, was he the psychopathic one? Is season 2 of Dark Angel worth watching? I really didn't care for the show by the end of the first season (which I bought) but a part of me feels like I *should* watch S2, just to see what happens, *even though* I don't really care.


This photo? I found on www.gay.com.

Do you see what I mean?


If this photo is the question, the answer is a resounding NO.


It's that darn white shirt again!


OMG he is too cool for SCHOOL.




Look. He's caressing himself.


Ooh! Where did he come from! Everyone wave at Jared please! *waves*


And now a few of the boys together because they're so CUTE! *pinches their cheeks*

I want to have SEX WITH THEM.


Even though they're total geeks.


There is no doubt in my mind that they are both completely high on coke here.


*pants* So hot. So INSANELY hot.


And now... *drum roll*... please put your hands together for the one, the only... Luke Freaking Perry!

Do you guys remember 90210? No? Think back about a million years. THIS guy starred in it and was oh so sexy and cool. We ALL loved him and don't you deny it.


One of his eyebrows is very nicely sculpted.


I know what you're thinking: all these photos are in black and white because he's so old. WRONG! Keep scrolling please and eat your words.


This getup is so offensive it actually sort of turns me on. What a rebel!


Lukey with his legs spread! Never a bad thing!

That's all from me today. You've been a beautiful audience, thangyouverymuch.


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