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Yes, I'm at work. YES, I'm bored.

I feel a little embarrassed about picspaming you again, but fuck it. It's way easier than being interesting or smart. Hell, you're lucky to get ANYTHING AT ALL FROM ME today, because it's Monday and it's gloomy outside and the only thing I have to look forward to is Smallville tonight on TV!!!! So, in fact, you might well be hearing from me again later. Because the episode is Mortal. You know, the one where Clark roughs up Lex, gets all turned on by it and then goes and fucks Lana? Don't worry if you don't remember - pics to come!

I can't say too many good things about this picture. He's got his legs spread. Points right there. He's holding a ball. Hee! His hair is all long and curly and sexy. And he's smiling at me. Basically, it's the best photo ever taken.


The jeans! HAHAHA. No points. The rest though? I'll take five please!


Hello, my name is Tom, and I haven't posed like a male model for six months. *everyone applauds*



He even looks good as a giant nerd. Nice work, Clark.


This is a photoshopped image I found, which I like because LOOK AT HIS MOUTH. He's perfect.


The look he's giving me here is just SEX. Pure and simple.


Clench that jaw!



He's like something straight out of the 70s here. It's awesome and I'm not joking around.


Clark in a white tee! YAY!


Twist that wrench! Is that a wrench? Do you twist wrenches? I don't know. I'm a girl!


Never have I wanted to rip plaid off someone so much.


Tom driving! It's very foggy out there!


Tom sick of driving. He's *sleepy*.


Okay. Stop the freaking press. WellingFeet! *dies*


Tom + stubble = OTP. Also, he should wear black ALL THE TIME.


AWWWW. My favourite. I still have this as my wallpaper at work. It's been up there since I discovered it, which was about a million months ago. *wrestles Tom to the floor*


And now for some Clex!!! Because I'm an old fool romantic with a soft side.

This is a nice one. Note how Lex touches Clark's arms and gazes at his throat which is all nicely stretched out. Note how Clark is all wet.


From Mortal! Wheeee! Look at the passion! Look at the LUST! Oh God. Look at Lex's belt. And the way he clutches Clark's arm. And the way Clark is holding Lex's collar and the way he could be just about to kiss the shit out of him. But wait, there's more...

So much love. So much passion. LOOK AT LEX'S HANDS. Clark is very emotional right now. Very emotional and VERY hard. But wait... *sniff*... there's more...



Blood trickles from Lex's nose and he tries not to cry. He's all worked up and his lover has gone off to fuck someone else. UNACCEPTABLE. *Lex decides to become evil (again)*

And I'd like to wrap this up now. With a classic Tom shot. Thanks for listening!


Tags: actor: tom welling, clex, picspam
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