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Lex vs Gaius as villain

Battlestar Galactica!!!!!! SO MUCH LOVE.

I'm done with season one and oh my fucking GOD this is now one of my favourite shows.

bop_radar already knows about my undying love for Gaius, but I think you should ALL know about it. Because I imagine that a lot of BSG fans hate him. I mean, the guy is a cowardly weasel who is responsible for the genocide of the human race. Hee. And yet... okay, so in relation to SV there was a discussion in LaT's journal about the creative team's inability to commit to Lex's descent into evil because they're chicken shits who are afraid of alienating viewers (among other things). It's tricky to create a sympathetic villain who's truly villainous and so they keep zig zagging around with Lex. See, I think Gaius is a prime example of how it's possible to do it.

Firstly, he's a three dimensional character played by an actor with huge charm (hello, SV, you've got Michael Rosenbaum). Secondly, he's selfishly, intelligently, humorously (insanely) villainous and there's no two ways about it. Gaius and Lex are totally different people, but Gaius is proof that with balls and good writing, a villain can capture the hearts and minds of many a fan. Aside from the fact that Lex fans are fanatical about him and we're not going to go off him when he stops whining about how much he loves Clark and the Kents and starts actively being the bad guy. We'll be cheering him on. Aside from that though, SV needs to commit to their decision and *respect* the show's most interesting character. BSG respects the character of Gaius and the writers and actor are unapologetic about their portrayal of him as a darkly ambiguous yet *definitely* dangerous (if a little bumbling) human being. I love Gaius so much. Every scene he's in thrills and delights me, at the same time as giving me chills. This is what Lex scenes should be like from now on in Smallville.
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