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Some quick thoughts just before I go read all of yours.

S5 Clana is ringing my bell in a big way. I love love loved their first scene together. Their relationship is so deliciously fucked up. I like the way Clark's fears about sex and hurting Lana were finally voiced, and although *my* version of Clark talking about it to Chloe went a little differently, hee, it is just plain wonderful to hear Clark talk about sex. I wish he'd talk about sex *all the time*. He's so pretty.

I laughed quite a bit during this episode and not because it was intentionally comedic. When psycho blonde Lexite shaved her head, I nearly died. She was amusing, wasn't she. And then trying to seduce Lex... hahahaha. I'm sorry, but that's HILARIOUS. Poor ol' Lex getting bashed in the head *again*. Do you think his slide towards evil has anything to do with brain damage?

The Clex scene was beautifully gay. "Clark, I need you to believe me!" Clark stares into Lex's eyes.

Jonathan is a tool.

Lionel confuses me. What the fuck is he up to? Hopefully - and I'm not holding my breath here - it'll be made clear.

Martha, are you INSANE? First off, the hairstyle. No points. But are you really, honestly, getting into bed with Lionel? Metaphorically speaking, of course.

Lois as campaign manager. Oh PLEASE. That's the stupidest thing SV has done in quite some time, and that's saying something.

Second Clana scene. You're not as dumb as you look, Lana. "What if there's been an *alien* here ALL ALONG? Living among us? An alien with powers, who's different and weird and who does things that can't be explained?" Okay, maybe you *are* as dumb as you look. For fuck's sake. Why oh why did Clark pick this stoopid whore ahead of Chloe? Still, it's kinda neat seeing Lana's brain ticking away. she gets this gleam in her eye and it's a gleam I've never seen before. God she's irrelevant.

Finally, could the boys be an prettier? NOPE.

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