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Supernatural Episode Scarecrow!

Is the show getting better or am I just trying to make myself feel less stupid about liking it?

Possibly *koff*loving it*koff. Shutup.

It helps that scarecrows scare the living shit out of me, which meant the teaser was, gasp, actually quite freaky. The rest of the show wasn't, of course, but I'll give it a couple o' points for the first five minutes. Scarecrows are scary. *whimper*

Dear GOD this show is the gayest thing I've ever seen, after Smallville. It was like a romantic comedy! And Dean, driving - and looking very beautiful - on the phone with Sammy? He looked like he had tears in his big brown eyes! I liked that.

The blonde in this episode wasn't dumb, for once, but she was annoying. I didn't care for her one iota. Also, you can't trust blondes with short hair in this programme. The other chick annoyed me too. WET. I'd like better actresses in future please. Better scripts and better stories would be nice too.

I mean, the villagers were barely creepy. The scarecrow was creepy. Yes it was. But the whole burning down of the tree climax? LAME.

What was that weird blood phone call thing with the short haired blonde whore? Was that meant to worry me in some way? I don't care for her. It would be cool if they pulled a Smallville and just forgot all about continuity and then we never see her again.

This show is SO GAY.

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