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At least I'm on a postcard.

Well, I finally posted my epic pornfic. Which is yay.

Then I got defriended. Which is not. *cries and cries*

But I'll be fine, because I'm on a postcard. Yes, I really am. I didn't even know about it until last night, when Hamish came in and told me he was planning to play a practical joke on me but chickened out because he was afraid I wouldn't find it funny. So I was all, I hate practical jokes, and then he explained what he was going to do and I was like, OMG that's hilarious. I would have found that hilarious. Which made him weep with regret for not having done it. Anyway, he was going to stick a postcard a day up around the house, just out of arm's reach, in an attempt to freak me out.

The postcard is an advert for my friend Claire's website - check me out. And anyone who wants a copy of me on a postcard? If you manage to make me laugh and/or cheer me up somehow, I will send you one! Maybe! (I have, like, 2, but I could maybe get more if there's a lot of clamouring and hilarity.)

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