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SV Season 5, episode 1!

SV S5 Ep1 aired tonight in the UK on TV. I just HAVE to talk about it. I HAVE to. What the hell is it called again?

Pretty, pretty Clark, so pretty.

Season 5 is SOOOOO good. I love this episode a lot.

But how come Jonathan moves Martha when he finds her in the wreckage of the house? (Ooh, I liked that the first name Lois called out when she arrived there was Clark's.) I thought we all knew that you don't move people when they're covered in blood and wood and are unconcsious? Because you can break their spine or whatever. STILL, Jonathan, the perfect husband, is all, science can kiss my ass! Love will see us through! "She'll be fine," he tells Lois. Um. How the fuck do you know? I mean, right now? She looks DEAD. What a chump.

Okay, Nan - you were asking about times Clark lied to Lex, and I don't know if anyone pointed this out (I could look, I suppose) but Lex asks Clark a bunch of questions in their scene together, and Clark lies in answer to EVERY SINGLE ONE. And he does it with a smile on his face.  Lex also calls him a liar (smart cookie, our Lex).

He doesn't, however, lie to anyone else (he just says nothing and looks intense), which is interesting. Lex is *special*.

One thing I'll say for Lana. She never lies to Clark. Lana's all, there were ALIENS, Clark! Do you believe in ALIENS?

Clark's like, "actually I do" (thinking: please don't ask me any more questions like that, I'm not good at thinking on my feet).

Chloe and Clark are my alternative OTP. Why is he such a numbnuts? She is hotter, brighter, funnier, more interesting, less selfish and has much more in common with Clark than boring ol' Lana.

Jonathan and his platitudes are going to be the death of me, I swear to God. In that, if I have to listen to many more of them, I'll kill myself. It's really amazing. Every line he utters is a platitude. I know it's not a new observation but it bears repeating. It's like, I mean, really, it's almost like he's a robot.

The Clana scene blinded me. Alhough I wish it had deafened me instead. Because Clark asks her about how she told him she loved him and she's all coy and denying it and he's all, oh well, maybe you didn't mean it, and she says, "I meant every word." Okay, so there are three words that she "meant." I, love and you. HAHAHAHA. Lana, you total fucktard. "I meant it," would have been a much better thing to say.

Anyway, then Clark cuts himself and he bleeds and he's human and he's fine about it. It's what he's always wanted. (Because now he can go and have hot, nasty violent sex beat the shit out of Lex in the next episode.)


And you know what else? Not only is Supernatural starting on TV here soon, so is Prison Break! It's like all my favourite shows are coming here and I'll get to watch them with the rest of the plebs who don't understand the internet. LIFE IS GOOD.
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