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Inspired by Ronnie Larson...

Tom Welling is SOOOOOO beautiful.

When I first saw SV, years back, I didn't like it at all. I thought, with the exception of MR and AM, that it was really badly cast (and, you know, totally retarded). How could I take Clark seriously when he looked like that? Clearly, he was cast because of his looks, not his talent. Pretty boys have never done it for me (it was Lex all the way back then). And Lana sucked so hard and I was obsessed with Buffy, so SV was just a big joke in my eyes. Well, the joke, I guess, is on me.

Because of fandom and you crazy people, I have developed an obsession with both Smallville and Tom Welling. I don't give a flying fuck whether he can act or not. He is SO. BEAUTIFUL. As Ronnie pointed out, Tom's the most beautiful man I've ever seen in my entire life.

HAHAHAHAHA. That's just silly. No one should be that perfect.


The arms, the crotch. It's all good.


Self explanatory.


One of my favourite ever Clark shots (SO BEAUITFUL), and also one of my favourite icons *points*, made by justabi .

Lex Luthor is SOOOOOO sexy.

I'm all about being fair, so I can't post about the hotness of Tom without posting about the hottness of Lex (I find Lex much sexier than Mike, fyi, although I adore Mike to pieces and would still like to have lots of sex with him).

See, I ALWAYS found Lex attractive. His cleverness and attitude and arrogance and the fact that he looks amazing bald are just a few of the reasons why.

Anyway, they're BOTH distractingly hot. Sometimes I can't even *concentrate* on SV because of all the overwhelming hotness on display. Huh, weird. I'm horny now.

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