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Smallville talk and the funniest critique of Tom Welling you'll ever see

They just showed the finale of SV S4 on tv here, because S5 starts tomorrow night! And what's weird is that, even though I've already seen all the episodes, I'm still excited. And I plan to watch them all again, every Monday night, at 9pm, with the ads and everything.

S4 Finale. Wow, really sucks ass. S5 is so much better. But in the interests of remaining shallow, I have to point out something that you might, for whatever reason, not have noticed: Lex looks incredibly hot throughout the entire episode. Lilac is a good colour on him, and when he's angry, this sexy vain pops out of the side of his head, and it makes me want him to be mad at me and then fuck me sideways.

Also, Lana with tar and blood dripping down her face, her leg fucked up, dragging herself through the mud with claw-like hands, is definitely my favourite look on her.

Now, you all need to watch this, if you haven't seen it already. It's HYSTERICAL. And if you love Tom Welling as much as I do, you are going to *die* when you watch it.

He's so beautiful
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