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SV S5 Lexmas!

Me again! Yeah I have to talk about Lexmas. Then go read everyone else's posts about it. And not comment on them because I'm a million years behind. So I'll comment here. Controversially. Because that's my style.



Clark as Santa is just plain off the scale fantastic. He’s the new improved hot sexyass version. He’s the porn version of Santa. So many points it's not funny. Couldn't you just feed him cookies all night long? And Chloe and Clark are freaking adorable together. I loved them as a couple in Lexland and I loved them as friends in the real world. God the visuals were gorgeous in this ep.


The Lex story really cut me up. But I have a few criticisms because the *way* it happened didn't really feel... right to me. Everything was going well and then...


The first Lionel/Lex scene is where things took a turn. Why is MR playing Lex here as if he’s not hallucinating? He still remembers that he doesn’t remember the last seven years right? This is a bad choice and I blame the director for not reminding MR that Lex is not an idiot. Anyway, it's the choice they made so I'll move on.
The content of the scene. Lionel warned Lex that “this would happen”. What, Lionel’s saying he warned Lex that if he didn’t sabotage Jonathan that fateful day seven years ago, Lana would die in childbirth? That’s retarded. I don’t even get that. Who wrote this scene? Then Lionel’s all, "You wanted to be free to live happily ever after. Go on Lex. You better get back to it." What? Come on. Who *talks* like that?  That was the stupidest scene ever and it’s meant to make me think, ooh, Lex might choose the side of crazy talking dad person because if he doesn’t, Lana will die. Whatever. Perky!Lana is great and all, but really, decide to become evil because of that? Dude, what you’re *really* upset about is that you’re just friends with Clark. Not… lovers. That’s what you want. And you think if you pick evil, you’ll finally have your way with him. Because who can resist evil Lex? Not me.
Second lionel/lex scene. Absolute genius. How dare you play God with my life. Fuck YES, Lex. You tell that motherfucker where to GO.


Blah blah, other stuff. Final Lex scene.


Lex chooses power and money. Ha! It was the jeans, wasn't it, Lex. And the kid. Oh god, *two* kids. A baby dude. That's a lot to take on as a single parent. Yeah, you're hot. You'll meet other women. But who's gonna take on a guy with two kids. Not the kind of brunette, six foot four green eyed super hunk you're after, that's for sure. Besides, he's with Chloe now. And dammit, in this reality, Lex is a nice guy, so he couldn't even kill her.


Anyway, I don't get it. I loved the ep but more because I'm suffering from withdrawals and this was that shot straight to the vein that I've been craving, not because it made any kind of sense. Very pretty and I love MR, and I just love Tom Welling to pieces and some of the scenes were really awesome.


In summary, I'm happy. I'm pleased that Lex is embracing his dark side. They've been taunting us with it for a while now (mostly through the wonderfully silly Good Sex Bad Lex campaign) so fuck it. Bring it on. Lex is incredibly hot when he's being naughty. One of these days Clark is gonna lose it and just grab Lex and just.... fuck his brains out. What? No?


That's it.

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