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I'm nothing if not open minded.

Well, one amazing thing came out of yesterday's madness. It made me do some thinkin' and some re-evaluating. Hold on to your chairs.

This is what I came up with.

You can't help what you find erotic. You might get off on all sorts of weirdass shit that I personally find repellent. Coprophilia gets you hot under the collar? GOOD FOR YOU.

You like rapefic? Alrighty! Just because I don't *understand* it, doesn't make it *wrong*.  It is as valid a kink as anything else.

I apologise to anyone I inadvertently offended with my judgementalness. Not you though, troll. I meant EVERY WORD I said to you.

*plots writing hot rapefic for all you freaks with that weird kink*

PS. You've all read estrella30 's latest fic, Blue Is The Sky, right? No? GET OVER THERE RIGHT NOW AND READ IT. It's the perfect story.

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