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Technology is my friend

Did this exact same thing happen to you guys?

You like your video collection and DVDs aren't better, they're just different, and you're perfectly happy with videos thank you very much. Then, like, you get your first dvd, and that's fine - you can't watch it or anything because you don't have a dvd player, but at some point, you suppose you'll get yourself a dvd player, but that won't stop you buying videos, oh no. Because you have a huge video collection and you like videos. Then you accumulate more dvds because people keep giving them to you and when you see one that's super cheap, you snap it up, so when you finally get a dvd player, you'll have something to watch. Videos are fine though. And like then, you get a dvd player and after a while you make a decision to not buy videos anymore, even though you're still happy to watch your videos. And like then, like now, you're all, I am never watching a video again. Videos are sooooo lame.

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