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Proper 2006 greetings from the land of Kate


I'm sober now. And back at work. So will be around more, YAY. 2006, here we come!

I pledge to write lots of stories and maybe go out of the house more often, and maybe do something new and unusual so at the end of the year I can say, "2006 was the year I did something new and unusual," and hopefully get laid a lot more than I did in 2005 and maybe I'll do a wine tasting course so I can combine knowledge with something I love, and I want to do a bit of travelling and I plan to turn thirty. EEP. So much to do!

First thing's first though. I am going to spend my savings on a new computer! I would buy a Mac because they're practically virus free, but I can't really afford a good one and I want a shiny new puter, not a scungy secondhand one. It must be pretty. And it must work better than all the other computers in the world. I have a dream. I dream that my new computer will be fast and will never crash and it will make me happy and it will never make me cry. If anyone has some advice for me before I buy (today or tomorrow), let's have it!

When's the new Smallville? Is it this week or next? What about Prison Break and Supernatural? God I miss my shows (yes, even YOU, SPN. Even you.)

That's all from me. Happy Tuesday, LJ!

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