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Smallville (sigh)

I feel absurdly upset. Normally one to avoid spoilers but there's no avoiding the absolute slagging S4 of Smallville has gotten from its fans. Specifically the fans whose LJs I like to read (i.e. whose opinions I respect). It appears that S4 is so bad that it may be worth abandoning the show altogether. I'm honestly not sure I can stomach it - I prefer television which improves with age (Buffy, for instance, just got better and better and better, then S7 was born and it devolved for its final year, much to my chagrin) and all the problems I've ever had with SV are not only not addressed in S4, allegedly the things I loved about the show are thrown to the dogs.

latxcvi says Lex becomes boring in S4. Huh? That the development of Clark's and Lex's characters is all but abandoned. *begins to cry*. How could AlMiles fuck things up so badly? They had it all. The two hottest, sexiest men in TV acting gay with each other; and on a deeper level, the journey these two men would take to become Superhero/Super Villain; how tragic and compelling that journey is because they began as Best Friends/lovers. *wails*

I definitely came to this show from the right starting point: the fan fiction. I suppose I shall leave the show in that same manner. Well, okay, when SV starts up again on T4 Sundays, I'll be sitting in and hating that I can't stop watching. But I'm not buying the DVDs. No way!

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