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Do you have time for a quickie?

</a></span>blue_meridian and I want to know. Hell, she emailed me about this it's very serious I'd do a poll about it but it's way too complex for a poll.

How would you define a "quickie"? What kind of time frame are we talking about? When are they good and when are they bad?

First question, how would I define a quickie? Answer. A quick fuck - quick, as in, under two minutes - where (hopefully) both parties come. Someone's gotta come, right? It'll probably be him, who are we trying to kid. Uh, honey, I'm done now, zip up and try to look normal. No, I don't care that you're still hard. I'm done here. What? Oh. I get it. *You're* allowed to come when we have sex in public but if I do, it’s not over. It stops being a quickie and turns into a, when the hell are you gonna be done already. Great. Shut your fucking mouth and be grateful you got any. It’s over. Jesus.

When are they good/bad? Uh. When I come. The end.

Questions? Comments?

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