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Kate's holiday update

Yes. I have now watched the Battlestar Galactica miniseries.

*eyes you all*

And it was, uh, kinda, how can I put this, COMPLETELY ESSENTIAL AND THE SHOW DOES NOT MAKE SENSE WITHOUT IT. I'm a little embarrassed that I watched SIX episodes of the series before I thought to ask what the fuck was going on, but my memory's not what it used to be and I kept forgetting to ask and it was easy to just pretend I knew what the fuck was going on even when I clearly had no idea whatsoever.

The blonde cylon babe is AWESOME, fyi. I would totally destroy all of humanity for her.

In other news, I bought Cheaper by the Dozen. Hee. See, this has never happened to me before. I've never loved an actor so much that I will not only see everything they do, I will secretly love it. Tom Welling is the most attractive man in the world. And he's so cute and moody and teenage in CbtD and I just want to have lots of sex with him and I think the whole movie should have been all about him. Steve Martin has totally lost his comedy. Pensioners doing slapstick is annoying at the best of times, but pensioners doing really badly filmed, lame slapstick is just embarrassing. Bonnie Hunt was WAY funnier and cooler. Hilary Duff CANNOT ACT FOR SHIT, holy crap - I had no idea she sucked so much. Lindsay wins! I normally hate kids in films but some of them were quite good and although the lessons learned at the end seemed to come from, uh, absolutely nowhere, I thought the film was actually quite sweet, and when it wasn't attempting to be funny, some of the drama worked really well. Tom is so hot. And that outtake at the end when he and Bonnie make out? GUH. She's like, the luckiest person ever.

And when I'm not watching tv and getting drunk, I'm fantasisng about Clark and Lex having sex. All in all, my holiday is going really well (apart from this sucky computer, which is going to crash at any second and I hate it and can't wait to buy myself a new one).

*bows gracefully*
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