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Crimbo greetings!


I don't know how much I'll be around over the festive season. It really all depends on whether the computer doctor can actually work out what the fuck is wrong with my sick computer. I mean, jeepers, I still haven't even seen Lexmas yet. That's unacceptable.

In the meantime, because I'm an evil tease...

title or description

Cover by laurab1


Lex looks at himself in the mirror.


It’s dawn.  A sliver of sunlight has crept into the bathroom, interrupting the darkness, giving Lex enough light to see himself, naked, in shadows.


Clark walks up behind him, naked too, and stands close enough for Lex to feel the heat radiating off him. Clark bends his head and kisses Lex’s shoulder before putting both of his hands on Lex’s arms.


“Why does it have to be like this?” Clark says in a low, soft voice, breath warm on the skin of Lex’s shoulder.


That voice.  Beyond sexy.  Lex’s entire body tingles with pleasure.


“Because it does,” he replies with a small smile.


Clark runs his hands all the way down Lex’s arms, achingly slowly, and wraps fingers loosely around Lex’s wrists, watching Lex in the mirror all the while.


“Lex. You’re so beautiful.” He pulls Lex’s arms up slowly.  “I could look at you all day.”


Arms bent above his head now, and Lex holds them up there and they both watch as Clark runs his hands down the sides of Lex’s body from armpits to hips.


Lex feels calm.


“You better go,” he says softly.


“I don’t want to go.” But Clark’s only saying that to make it easier when he does.


“It’s five o’clock,” Lex says, staring into Clark’s eyes.


Clark looks away first and kisses Lex’s neck, before breathing into his skin, “I love you.”


Lex believes him.


Clark walks out of the bathroom and Lex listens, motionless, to Clark getting dressed and walking out of the bedroom, shutting the door behind him.


Lex loves Clark.


But that won’t stop him.



Tags: christmas, fic
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