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It's a funny ol' life

Some background about me: I'm from New Zealand but I live in the UK and have for the past seven and a half years. I'm in London now but for the first three and a half years I lived in Edinburgh. Whilst in Edinburgh, I lived with two boys - Ewan and Lex. Yes, that's right. One of my best friends in the world is called Lex. Just Lex. Not Alexander. LEX.  Now, Lex, who shaved his head at the time, so was bald, married me, so I could get residency here. Our relationship is purely platonic, fyi, and we're now divorced, but still close friends.


My point is this. Lex read one of my stories and he told Ewan, who told me, that he found it very disturbing because it was gay porn and it had his name in it constantly, so it was kind of like reading about himself getting fucked by Clark. (Hell, he could do worse.)

I nearly died laughing.

Tags: character: lex luthor, real life, writing
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