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Kate update

The bad news

I have been ill very ill horribly ill. I haven't even started my Christmas shopping, I have no idea what I'm getting anyone and Christmas is ON SUNDAY. I still don't have a computer so I'm very behind on LJ and if there's things I should be seeing LINK ME. I still haven't written my RPS fic which is stressing me out and OMG I suck as a secret santa.

The good news

I am off work today. My puter is (apparently) getting delivered tonight!! My beautiful secret santa, bop_radar  gifted me today with my pressie: a fabulous Clexy story! Which you must all go read right now! Douce Nuit. Boppy, I love you SO MUCH.

And yup, Alias Season 4 pretty much broke my heart. But then the last three or so episodes happened and I fell in love all over again. The season finale cliffhanger! OH. MY. GOD.

Irina is alive! Well, DUH. I just knew they couldn't have killed her because she's too damn fabulous.  This helped me love Alias again, I must admit.

Now, at the time, I figured that Rambaldi's prophesy hadn't come true, because Sydney didn't kill Nadia. But maybe it had. If the prophesy was about Irina and Elena all along, then it totally did come true. After all, Irina was actually more important than Sydney in the saving of the world - they couldn't have done it without her, and Irina did kill her sister. And the only reason Nadia went all homocidal was because Elena turned her into a zombie! Nadia and Sydney really had fuck all to do with any of it. So Rambaldi was right all along. Go Rambaldi.

The cliffhanger

"Well, for a start, my name's not really Michael Vaughn." *SPLAT*

Hee! That's hilarious. I can't even express how much I love this cliffhanger. Now, I'm totally unspoiled for season 5 and all I know is that Vartan leaves the show at some point, so obviously it's my guess that he and Syd don't get married. Whatever. They're both gonna survive the crash and then we're gonna find out who Vaughn really is. It's so funny and exciting! They haven't once given us any clues that Vaughn might not be who he says he is - I get the feeling that they pulled this one out of their ass because his character was kind of dull, but hey, I ain't complaining. It's not like they're saying he doesn't love Sydney or that he's BAD as such. They're saying he's been lying about his name for the past 4 years. BIG DEAL. Everyone does that on Alias. God, I just can't freaking wait to watch S5. This show has me so whipped.

Battlestar Galactica is frakking AWESOME. The pilot kicked ass and seduced me straight away. Not much time to talk about it at the moment, but I'm very impressed so far. Although I don't find Jamie Bamber especially convincing (sorry Jamie fans!). The rest of the cast is brilliant, however. Mary McDonnell, James Callis and Edward James Olmos in particular. New show to love, yay!!

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