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Porn Stars!

I am no longer upset about Alias. Yay!

Let's talk about sex again.

What really amazes me is Clark and what a porn star he is. I think part of the reason I fell so hard for Smallville is because I can't even imagine getting sick of reading about Clark doing really dirty things to Lex. Clark is so insanely gorgeous and he's not just pretty. He's sensual and sexy and male. He's got a really big cock (I just know, okay). And we all love his mouth. Lex especially loves Clark's mouth because Clark gives the world's best blowjobs. Because you can't really fail to give a good blowjob with those lips. I was randomly surfing through oxoniensis 's screencaps just to prove my point, so if you don't believe me, check out these couple of Clark pics behind the cut. And a few Lex pics too because he's also a porn star.


That's what's so special about Smallville. As much as I love other shows, no show on EARTH makes me think about two hot guys fucking like Smallville does. I mean I'm so busy thinking about Clark and Lex doing filthy, nasty things to each other, and it's so fulfilling I find it hard to muster any interest in the sex lives of other tv characters. I might occasionally wonder about Sam and Dean, or Jack and Sawyer and Kate, or House, or Sark and Vaughn (who ships these two? They're hot together), but none of these people are as porny as Clark.

Like, Clark's the only one I think about jerking off. Hell, I write about it all the time! Lex jerking off is hot. But Clark jerking off is OFF THE SCALE hot. Lex is the sexiest man on earth right? But Clark is the most visually pleasing. And there is simply nothing better in life than a horny Clark. Nothing at all.

If anyone would like to make me Clark "Porn Star" icons, that would be fine. (translation: I'll write you Clark porn and I'll love you forever and ever, oh yes I will!). Matching Lex porn star icons would also be fine.

Tags: character: clark kent, character: lex luthor, picspam, porn, tv: smallville
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