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I rant, I rave, I bitch about Alias

Alias Season 4 BITES.

What the fuck has happened to my show? I went in unspoiled, except I'd been told they'd changed the format in an attempt to attract new viewers and one friend told me it was shit, but I honestly thought that I would still love it. It's always been such excellent quality and there's nothing else quite like it on the box, so I figured a small dip wouldn't hurt it too much. SMALL? We should be so fucking lucky.

Me and Hamish (my flatmate and fellow Alias nut) have watched 16 episodes so far and I have very little love left for the show. I'm not giving up or anything - weak seasons don't mean death - but someone better tell me that S5 gets its act together or I will FLIP OUT.

It's just silly now. I get the reasons why they wanted to do more self contained episodes because it would have been near impossible to start watching in the middle of S2 or 3 and know what the hell was going on, but I feel like they've pissed all over the, you know, actual fans of the show. I loved the novelistic structure, I loved how (especially watching it quickly like I did, on DVD) you couldn't pick out individual episodes because it all felt like one organic story. I loved how glossy and beautiful and serious it was. This epic family drama, themes of love and betrayal way more important than the spy stuff. The action has always been incredible, but the excitement of Alias was balanced by the emotional resonance of the big story arcs.

Now? I don't even give a fuck. We just saw Another Mister Sloane, and we find out that the orginal Sloane is still jonesing for Rambaldi and is still basically insane. And I didn't care. Because I've had to suffer through so many pointless little stories that have fuck all to do with anything, so when the big stuff happened it hadn't been built up to. It just came out of nowhere. Also, I'm finding it hard to muster any interest in the whole Jack/Sloane are working together on something EVIL story. Oooooooh. First off, we know that Jack isn't evil. And if they turn around and tell me he IS, that's tantamont to crapping all over 4 years worth of character development. It's just double talk. The theme with Jack's character is, he does something terrible and then we find out his motivation behind doing said terrible thing, and it turns out that it was all for Sydney and that he's a lovely fuzzy teddy bear underneath. So what on earth are he and Sloane up to? Could it be something good maybe? Could I possibly give less of a crap?

Nadia. Get the fuck out of here. Are they grooming her to take over from Jennifer Garner when Jen bails? Frankly, if I'm still with the show when that happenes I'll eat my hat, but she isn't good. Her voice is all whispery and she doesn't even remotely have Jen's presence or exotic, strange beauty. She's pretty, I suppose, but I'm not buying her as a competent spy. Bad casting.

I've always loved the cast of Alias. Well, excpet for Lauren, who was weird looking and charmless and who did that thing where, she's revealed to be bad and she goes from playing the character as perfectly good to totally sinister and creepy. Dude, watch how your fellow castmates do it - the key is to be ambiguous at all times. Whatever, she's dead now so I'm over it. But Nadia is obviously a goodie who's here to stay and she winds me the hell up. Meh.

Sark has only been in, like, two episodes, which is ridiculous. He should be in it ALL THE TIME.

And is it just me, or is the body count insanely high this season? To the point where I'm getting really fucked off with all the dead bodies that no one seems to care about and that I don't care about. It's gone all James Bond, and I really don't mean that as a compliment.

I may yet change my mind - I still have about 6 eps to watch, but the verdict so far?


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