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Random mutterings

I am so deeply in love with Santa Lex it's not even funny anymore. I've developed a huge Santa fetish and it's all toadstoolsmiles 's fault. You have GOT to read this series, I'm telling you. It's AMAZING. Go to her journal RIGHT NOW and catch up.

It's the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's death today. *is sad*

In other music news, I am seriously, deeply in love with Coldplay's latest single, "Talk", which sucks so much because I HATE Coldplay. They're a bunch of whiny bitches, Chris Martin's voice has an insipid quality that winds me the fuck up, and their lyrics are almost entirely meaningless in a, oh that sounds poetic but then when you actually think about what they mean you're like, wtf are you *talking* about? And yet, they write really pretty songs that I sometimes can't resist. One time I saw Chris Martin in Notting Hill and we made eye contact.

Hey, not having a computer at home for the time being might give me back my social life! Last night a friend came over and I was disappointed when she went home! New! Then I hung out with the boys and we drank whiskey and tormented the cat and gossiped about other people we know.

Real life is great sometimes.

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