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There are many, many reasons why I love toadstoolsmiles , but the latest reason is that she's writing a story, and posting a part a day, which has Lex dressed up in a Santa suit. Because Clark asked him to play Santa and Lex still can't resist those pretty green eyes and blowjob lips.  Lex as Santa. And it's believable. And really, quite unreasonably sexy too.

It's Christmas, people! This is the kind of fic we need! Becky writes beautifully and she perfectly captures the characters of both Clark and Lex, with wit and style. Plus, we get the story from both POVs because she switches with each section.

Santa!Lex Part 1

He cocks his head and catalogues Clark’s faults. T-shirt needs to be pressed, hair needs cutting. A stain on his jeans, probably juice. His coat is looking a little ratty and someone really should put it out of its misery. The red’s too bright as well, if he leans against the left wall maybe he could blend in, put a little tinsel around his head and call him a decoration. Lex laughs even though he really didn’t mean to, just like his mind didn’t really mean to wander but it’s a habit now. Conversations with Clark always veer on the side of overly serious and more than a little infuriating. And he’s usually very focused and he used to be with Clark too, but best not to have you’re mind in the room now, doesn’t really take a genius to talk to Clark anyway.

If he was here and if he was thinking, there are so many things he might say.

Santa!Lex Part 2

Clark doesn’t think he understands the intricacies of the level at which Lex operates. He knows it’s wrong though.


He goes to Lex’s bedroom last, telling himself while he checks twenty five other rooms before it that it’s because Lex probably isn’t there. That he was probably in Guest Bedroom Number Six before he was in his own room because, well, Clark doesn’t have a reason, it’s just that Lex’s room has certain connotations that he’s being doing a damn good job of avoiding for the last year and he certainly doesn’t need to see the bed where, just maybe, he could have had sex for the first time. The place where he wanted to. The place where he thought one day Lex was going to take him and teach him everything he would ever need to know about pleasing anyone but knowledge he would never have to use on anyone except Lex.


It all happens too fast. Lex taking play too far as he hooks his legs against Clark thighs and pulls him forward. Clark feels vindicated that at least Lex instantly regrets it as Clark lands on his back with a thump and Lex breathes out "Oh fuck," like it would have been a shout if Clark hadn't just expelled all the air from his lungs.

Clark wants to move, more that anything, shuffles himself up, sliding along Lex’s back until he’s lined up his mouth against Lex’s ear.

“That,” a breath, “was mean.”

Santa!Lex Part 3

Clark stops laughing then, just looks at him and smiles as he takes Lex by the arm and tries to pull him inside. It’s in looking at the smirk spread amusedly across Clark’s face that Lex realises that he can’t actually get home anymore. Because Clark has the truck, and the keys, and the cell because the Santa suit has no pockets.

And when you're done reading them!

Everyone is reccing this, but I have to too, just in case you've been really dumb and somehow missed it. Hell, it's so good, I commented twice. The wonderful, talented voldything  has done the most incredible series of manips for undermistletoe . They are both gorgeous and very, very sexy and they tell a lovely story. And they're not at all work safe (unless you're me and you don't care). Check 'em out here.

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