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Lana Lang!

13 Brilliant Reasons to Hate Lana Lang

  1. She's boring.
  2. She's stupid.
  3. She's self centred
  4. She's irritating.
  5. She's not funny.
  6. She's repetitive.
  7. She's self pitying.
  8. She's a sissy.
  9. She's irrelevant.
  10. She's whiny.
  11. She's frigid.
  12. She has a lisp.
  13. She talks to dead people.

Quotes to prove it:

  1. Boring: "Blah, blah, blah, blah. Dead parents. Blah, blah. Tell me all your secrets. Blah, blah."
  2. Stupid: "I know I'm way dumber than Chloe but look: I have long, shiny hair."
  3. Self centred: "Oh, your whole world has just fallen apart around you? Hey! That's exactly what just happened to me!"
  4. Irritating: "Life is about change, sometimes it's painful, sometimes it's beautiful, but most of the time it's both." Oh, shut the fuck up, Lana.
  5. Not funny."That was a joke, Clark." Another direct quote. If you have to explain when someone's meant to laugh, Lana, your joke sucked!
  6. Repetitive: "Dead parents, worst day of my life, friends shouldn't have secrets, you're always late Clark, please feel sorry for me, everyone. Another stalker? Coool."
  7. Self pitying: "Wah, poor me, my life sucks. Wah."
  8. Sissy: *sniffs* "I haven't felt safe since my parents died, even though I was three and can't possibly remember anything of that time."
  9. Irrelevant. "What do you mean no one gives a rat's ass about my story lines? What do you mean they like Lex? But he's *bald*!"
  10. Whiny: "I've been trying to put that day behind me for the last million years etc, etc."
  11. Frigid: "I don't care that you are the single hottest specimen of manliness I'm ever likely to encounter. All I want is for you to be honest with me." *smacks Lana around the head*
  12. Lisp. "I'm tho confuthed."
  13. Talks to dead people. "Hi Mom, hi Dad. This is Clark. Say hi to my parents, Clark." "Uh... Hi Mr and Mrs Lang. Nice to... uh... meet you." *Lana looks happy* *Clark looks afraid*
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