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Lovely boys

I have the coolest friends in the WHOLE WORLD.

So, they all know that I have a new obsession hobby, which is writing porn. Gay porn. Obviously, my female friends are down with this, but what's awesome is, so are my male friends, and almost all of my male friends are straight.  So far, three of the boys have read one of my stories, because they like being involved in my life and knowing what I'm doing and, hell, I go on about it a lot, so they really have to show some interest or else. Anyway, not only did they read a story, they liked it. Pete read "Caught", which is my barn smut fest on the tube home and he got all hot and flustered, and paranoid that the other passengers would know what he was up to, but he told me he found it very erotic! Hamish read the threesome story I never posted and thought it was great, and Ewan (I love Ewan so much), Ewan wrote me the following feedback (in response to Without You):

Just read yer fic. It is fab. Great writing and hot too. To start with
I thought it sucked - but then I realised I was reading the second
part. Duh. I may be a tad hungover this morning.

How many straight men do you know who would admit to finding gay porn hot? I LOVE MY FRIENDS.

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