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Twelve down, one to go! My totally meaningless review with pictures!

How can one person be THAT sexy? I mean really?

I love how Michael is a genius. It's very attractive. And also, how charming he is.

Alright, Lincoln , you have got to do something about your enormous head. And that stupid voice. Because it's distracting and not in a good way. Why the hell he gets top billing is beyond me. This show is ALL about how fucking hot Michael is and you'd think the producers would have realised that. *smacks the producers across the head*

Here, Michael has blood dripping down his face, which is awesome. I have no memory of how or why and I don't care. What matters is that he looks hot.

I can't quite place the accent, but I do love the John man. T-Bag (who also rocks my world) just slashed John's throat but I think he'll survive because he's kind of a key part of the plan. A big setback of course, but that's what this show is all about. Things are constantly going wrong, but then, magically, everything works out okay. It's exciting.

Damn, Michael. You have very cute ears.

Burn in hell, Veronica. I keep hoping one of the bad guys will kill her because she sucks beyond belief. I hate her looks, her voice, her personality, her lack of talent, her everything. Get off my show, bitch!

Fuck me, I love these two together. Chemistry galore! The Mike/Doc scenes are my favourite and I can't wait until she gives in to her very obvious and understandable desires and just, you know, has a lot of sex with him on the floor of her office. I love the doctor! She's smart and cool and much better than that lawyer whore.

And when he flirts with her? I just want to kill myself because he's so sexy.

Here endeth my review.

And as a special treat for you cats, check out Wentworth with his legs spread. TWICE.

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