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Wonderful animals!

Very funny, strangely gorgeous, sweetly sexy, smartly philosophical. This story made my day: The Horniest Apes on Earth

On a more personal note, how have I survived this long without a cat? I love and miss Keegan and Zico, my fabulous felines from childhood, both dead now though forever alive in my memory and sometimes my dreams. But I've been catless for ten years, and looking after Orson (as in Welles, because he's fat and dignified) has reminded me that I really can't go on much longer without one of my own. The thought of saying farewell to my beautiful, hilarious, soft and furry boy is already breaking my heart a bit.

Admittedly, he's more loveable than many cats I've met. For a start, he's a whore - not really fussy about who he hangs out with as long as *someone* is lavishing attention on him. He's pretty and brilliantly fat (so much soft, clean, tabby fur to touch!). He has ridiculous habits, the cutest being him drinking from the tap in the bath. He actually hangs out in the bath and waits for someone to turn the tap on to a steady dribble, then laps at it mid flow. Or like last night when there was no water in the bath for consumption, so he jumped up to the sink while I was brushing my teeth and filled the little sink with his huge body and stole *my* water. Which just made me laugh and laugh and take photos on my phone and spray toothpaste everywhere. And he sleeps with me, getting as close as he can to my head and arms (occasionally he has tried to take over my pillow), which I love because cat purring is the best sound in the whole world. Cat purring and the distant, distant rumble of traffic and my bedroom has a soundtrack that fills me with contentment. And sometimes he follows me around the house and if I'm walking up or down the stairs, he decides he absolutely has to *race* me so he gets there first, but the moment he's at the landing, he slows down nearly to a stop so I invariably walk into him, then we turn the corner and the race is on again.

Kirsten came over the other night and I think I talked about Orson for the majority of the evening. She's adament I should get myself a kitten, and she's my best friend so she must be right.

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