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OTP Meme

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Pick 5 of your OTPs and then list which specific moment made them your OTP.

1. Clark/Lex. No one specific moment springs to mind because it snuck up on me so slowly. The Clex fic came before my love of the show, so when I got into the show, I already thought of them as being in love. So their meeting in the pilot pretty much sealed it for me.

2. Buffy/Angel; Buffy/Spike. What? I love the Buffster with both of them. The doomed, tragic, all consuming love affair she had with Angel was so beautifully handled - romantic and heart breaking. Those kids made me cry so much. The pilot of Buffy sold me on Buffy/Angel.  But I also adore the more adult, intensely sexual, desperately unhealthy connection she had with Spike. I love Spuffy a lot, because they were just SO HOT together. Something Blue is when I fell head over heels with Spuffy.

3. Lee Holloway/Edward Grey. Secretary is one of my favourite films and I ADORE this pairing because it's so unconventional and yet so right. The moment? When he first spanks her and afterwards collapses on to her and their fingers touch. It's perfect. They're utterly perfect for one another.

4. Ross/Rachel. Shutup. They just had the right chemistry from the get go. The episode when they first kiss, The one with Ross's cat, or something. I swear, no one looks as good kissing onscreen as David and Jen do. When I first saw that, I literally died.

5. Carrie/Mr Big. Okay, I LOVED the last episode of SATC so very much. It's my favourite ever last ever episode. Every time I watch it I ball my freaking eyes out. The whole of the last season is fantastic in fact, and Carrie and Big getting together at the end? THANK GOD. I think the moment for me was when he's married to the model woman and he goes to see Carrie because he's unhappy and he still loves her and she's with Aiden but they end up having an affair. I realised then that they were meant for each other. FYI, Charlotte and Harry are another OTP for me, and in fact, I probably prefer them.

I'm not gonna tag anyone. If you want to do it, do it!

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