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OMG Another Meme!

Because meme is the theme. Of the day. Do you see what I did there? I like to rhyme. Do you have the time? I have so missed my calling. ethrosdemon  loves memes! Tell your friends!

1. Admit it, you totally Mary Sue the fuck out of yourself in your fic, provide examples.

Well I have had anal sex before.


2. If you had to be married in a country that outlaws divorce, pick the fictional character you'd shackle yourself to (remember: no escape EVER!).

God. Because he'd do whatever I wanted because I'm his wife and I'd insist.

3. If you were a god, which one would you be, and what sorts of offerings would you accept to from your worshippers in order to answer all their pathetic pleas?

I'd be the God of Love! No wait. That's wrong. I'd be the God of Laughing at Everybody!

My servents can give me whatever I'm in the mood for. The hot ones can fuck me. The funny ones can make me laugh. The smart ones can teach me. The cool ones can hang out with me and make me feel good about myself. The annoying stupid ones can give me diamonds and cash and leave me the hell alone.

4. Your jukebox in hell contains what music?

Bad music. Just a big variety of bad music. Every genre covered but the worst of every genre. Basically the opposite of my jukebox in heaven.

5. Mayonnaise or mustard?

Mayo, because it goes with everything.

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