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The 10 Things You Should Know About Me Meme! Snagged from various places.

1. I've never been to university. Basically because when high school finished I realised that I hated putting effort into things and I thought it would be much more fun if I didn't have to study. At the time, and ever since, out loud at least (until now), I told myself and everyone else that it was because I wanted to be a jazz singer and I wanted to travel, but really, I was just sick of school.


2. I am a very talented jazz singer, but I don't sing anymore (except all day at work to songs on the radio and at parties for interested guests) because I woke up one night about four years ago and realised that I hated performing. Well, I don't know if I hate performing, because really, there are a lot of things I love about performing. I just can't anymore. The nerves beforehand and often during were too unpleasant.


3. I'm an attention whore. Oh, and I'm from New Zealand. Oh, and my birthday is on September 11. Ha!


4. I'm very self aware. And honest. I can't and won't lie to myself about anything, which means I'm the perfect mix of arrogant and self deprecating. But I'm not really either in truth. I'm neither arrogant nor self deprecating, although I love seeming so. I'm just honest. I know what I'm good at and I know what I suck at. I like myself and I like knowing myself well. I can't lie to other people either. I conceal the truth when necessary because that's just good social skills, but if I'm asked a direct question, I'll always answer truthfully, or I'll lie really badly and sweat a lot.


5. I'm very charming and I'm good at getting people to like me, even if I don't necessarily like them, because, let's face it, who are we trying to kid, most people are morons and I'm picky.


6. I'm a lazy hedonist. In that I'm both lazy and hedonistic. But I'm also lazy at being hedonistic, which is why I'm not a drug addict. My entire life is about pleasure. I do what gives me pleasure and I avoid doing what doesn't. I love to drink, I love to smoke, and yes, I have taken drugs before. Shock! Lots of them. And if I may quote Bill Hicks for a second here,  I had a real good time. Hell, I have a joint in my hand right now. I love film, I love television, I love Smallville, I love writing porn, I love reading porn, I love having sex, I love talking, I love LJ, I love spending time with my friends, I love eating, I love dancing, I love singing, I love my life, I love my life because my life is the very definition of pleasure. Look pleasure up in the dictionary and you'll see a picture of my life. I even love my job, and my job is lame.  I live a lazy, hedonistic life and I'm going nowhere, but I'm going nowhere with a huge grin on my face.


7. I have not had good luck with relationships. I have had good luck with being single on the other hand. But no, I've had bad luck with relationships. See, I don't fall in love easily and I find very few (real) men attractive. For the most part I lose interest in men sexually after one fuck. I am a modern woman. I fell in love properly when I was 23, with a man who loved me back but who was the worst boyfriend on the planet. A compulsive liar who made me utterly miserable for nine months before I did a double take and went, fuck, I don't love him anymore. It's just not in me to keep loving someone who doesn't make me happy. So I dumped him and then let him try to woo me back for months afterwards, but the trust was gone. We could never happen again. Then I rebounded off Malcolm onto Stuart, who was a good friend of mine and my flatmate and who loved me so much. In the space of 4 months, following my breakup with Malcolm, I dumped Stuart three times and Malcolm four times. Then I chose Stuart and I stayed with him for two and a half years. I did not love him. I could hardly bear to have sex with him and only did on the odd occasion to stop him from being completely miserable. Sex with Stuart was a violation of my body. It was wrong, I hated it. I hated sex and I stopped being a sexual person. Can you even imagine? Stuart and I had a wonderful friendship and about the most horrendous relationship imaginable. It took him years to recover, but he's now with someone else and he's happy (or so I hear, he and I are not in any kind of contact) and I'm happy for him. I've been single ever since.


8. I am not academic in any way but I'm very attracted to academic types. My smarts are more the intuitive kind. Emotional intelligence if you will.


9. I am an evangelical atheist.  Because it's great to be enlightened.


10. I am a positive, happy, optimistic, well adjusted, popular person and I will laugh and joke about almost anything. Because laughter is the best medicine. I have an excellent sense of humour and I'm very rarely serious. I am zen.


Oh, and ask me anything. I like talking about myself.

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