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One more weekend down

It's official. I've handed my life over to fandom.

Although Hilary came over on Friday night and I did at least wait until we got really drunk before I made her watch Smallville. Even better than that though is, see, she's read and really enjoyed some of my stories, as well as fics I gave her by Jenn and Te when I first discovered fandom, so she and I actually brainstormed a story idea together, and seriously, Hilary is not a fangirl at ALL. Anyway, it was kind of a nuts idea (we were very stoned) involving Chloe being followed around by the angel and devil on her shoulders: Clark and Lex, of course, who are the proper size (not little), completley corporeal and who can't be seen by anyone but Chloe. Something happens or whatever (plot, what plot?) and then she has sex with them. One at a time and it's an interesting comparison, right? Because they'd both be great but in different ways. Then, of course, they have sex with each other and Chloe gets to watch and it's all really dirty and awesome. I just love how I'll drag my good friends into the pit with me. Yes, we ARE going to talk about porn. For HOURS. PS. I have no intention of writing that story, btw, so you can all breathe a sigh of relief.

Then I spent ALL DAY on the puter on Saturday. Bad Kate. At least I wrote a story though. Clex! And now I'm madly, passionately in love with Clex again and that's nice for me because I haven't been thinking about them so much recently. Ah, it's a sweet obsession to have, because they're both so fucking, ridiculously hot.

Hey look. I've named my new icon Clark horny. Because... well you work it out.

What else? I didn't watch any more Prison Break, but I've got three lined up, so maybe tonight. I DID watch 5 eps of My So Called Life though, and fuck that's a good show. So damn realistic. And I just love how Jared Leto is playing, basically, a complete retard. Ha. In fact, an episode coming up is called "Why Jordan Can't Read." HAHAHAHAHA. Jared Leto. You pretty idiot you.

Oh, and last night Hamish and I watched Enter the Dragon, and I was so right about Bruce Lee. He IS the hardest man who's ever lived. Even DEAD he could probably kick your ass. There's this classic bit near the end where Slashy mcHandknives swipes Bruce across the stomach and Bruce, like, totally dips his fingers into the blood and then LICKS IT. Yes! The taste of his own blood makes him even madder! God, he's almost TOO hard. Of course, I couldn't stop laughing through the whole movie because I kid you not, he is so much better than everyone else at fighting, it's actually funny.  I think I need a Bruce Lee icon.

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