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Friday drabble!

You all thought I'd forgotten about Porn Fridays hadn't you! WELL I DIDN'T. A not-quite-porn-but-nearly drabble for yuz. Chlex, because I haven't written that pairing yet and I felt bad.


“I’m sorry. I’ll come back later.”

Chloe averts her eyes though she’s not sure why exactly. She’s seen guys work out before. She’s seen them sweat.

Lex runs a towel over his head and hangs it around his neck. “What are you doing here?” he asks, still panting slightly.

Good question. Why the hell is she in Lex’s gym? She gazes at the corner of the really stupidly large room and prays silently that she’ll actually remember soon. But when her eyes drift back, involuntarily, to Lex, who’s sweating, who’s covered in sweat, all she can do is swallow and blink a lot.

Lex has a small smile playing on his lips which looks like it would just love to turn into a smirk or a grin. And he’s staring straight at Chloe in the most disarming way.

Chloe really hates that Lex can do this to her. She tries so damn hard to maintain her status, but then he’ll look at her the way she’s seen him look at other people sometimes and her insides turn to liquid. He’s got piercing eyes, that’s all it is.

He tilts his head and raises his eyebrows. “Chloe?”

She knows he wants her to answer a question. That much is clear. But all that’s going through her mind right now is, ‘I wonder what he looks like naked?’. Other than that she has absolutely no idea what’s going on.

Lex walks right up to her then, right up to her. He’s a few inches away and Chloe can smell him. And he smells… oh God… he smells really good. She inhales as deeply as she can without being obvious and attempts to stop her eyelids from fluttering.

And then his hand is on her cheek. Her cheek!

“Chloe, is everything okay?”

Oh God, that voice. What the hell is wrong with her? This is crazy. Totally crazy, but at least she’s nodding. At least she’s responding to one of his simple questions.

“Talk to me, Chloe,” Lex says, his voice so low and sexy Chloe just wants to wrap herself up in it and fly away.

“Lex,” she manages to say, but the way her voice sounds comes as something of a surprise to her. It sounds like want.

Lex’s face is close to hers now, his body is close to hers, he’s looking at her face, and she has no idea what he’s thinking. All that’s going through Chloe’s mind is kiss me kiss me kiss me.

Lex smiles. “Well when you put it like that-“

Then Lex is kissing her, on the mouth, and wait a minute, did she say that out loud?

Who cares. She’s pushing the towel off Lex so she can wrap her arms around his neck, and they’re kissing. Properly kissing. Lex’s tongue is in her mouth and had she imagined doing this? Ever?

Maybe once or twice.

Chloe opens her eyes when they break apart to breathe and Lex looks different. He looks turned on and his eyes are dark and she thinks she should maybe be a little scared but she’s not. She wants to see him look like that for much, much longer. Because of her.

Up on her tiptoes again and she jams her mouth against Lex’s. Letting him know how much she wants him, and when he slides his hands down over her ass and picks her up, she moans. Moans again at the feel of his erection, which is positioned perfectly under her so she can rub herself on it, as they make out standing up.

Don’t stop, never stop. She wants everything from him, right now.

He reads her mind. “We should take this upstairs.”

She nods because she’s not capable of speech right now and he sets her down onto the floor.

They go upstairs.

The end.
Tags: fic, fic: sv, porn fridays
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