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Supernatural Episode Nuthouse!

Okay, ignore the icon! Some points, Supernatural. This week you get some points. *applauds*

I have a crush on Sam. I'm putting it out there. I think. Yep. I'm thinking that I might even like him more than Dean. *raises one eyebrow at you*

He's got this kind of sleepy sexiness about him and although he lacks a sense of humour, that just makes me think, wow, imagine how great it would make me feel if I could really make him laugh. What a reward that would be.

This show is really very gay, which I like. Natch. Also, I liked that the dumb blonde this week was handy with a rifle. And they finally got the score right, which is good because that had been getting on my nerves.

The writing didn't completely suck, which was a welcome new development, and they even managed to slightly freak me out. You simply can't go wrong with rundown insane asylums. And the set was excellent.

I enjoyed the actor playing the boyfriend. He had a nice spark. And it was cool when Sam shot Dean. Naughty Sam. *smiles affectionately at him*

That's all I got.

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