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Help me. I can't breathe.

It's banner season! People keep making me beautiful banners! And as much as I ADORE the banner kho made me, this one, OMG, this one has my favourite EVER picture of Mike in it and I just want to MOLEST him. In fact, the whole thing is all my favourite pictures of the 3 hottest guys on the planet, so I just had to put it up! If I die from lust, you must hunt down tehjules and give her a stern telling off. GUH.

In celebration, let's talk about sex!

Tell me anything. Stories, facts, drabbles, hell, debate with me, as long as it's about sex. I want juicy gossip and amusing anecdotes. Sexy stuff. And if you need inspiration? Go and stare at my banner. Go on. If that doesn't inspire you to talk about sex (with me) then you may as well kill yourself right now.
Tags: sex
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