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 Last night I did something potentially crazy.

I went out for a drink with Scott.

And weirdest of weird ass things, he's a changed man. Seriously. I am still kind of in awe. Reason being, surprise surprise, he's got himself a girlfriend (who sounds functional and good for him). And that awful bitterness that coloured our friendship from beginning through demise, to end? Gone!

He was sweet and funny and fun and great company and he. Didn't Hit On Me Once. Which sort of freaked me out because that's never happened before. Ever. And he even took half the blame for what happened between us. To be perfectly blunt, I am shocked that I survived the night without having a heart attack. Who was that alien and what did he do with Scott?

Beats me.

Still, I'm really happy that I saw him and hope now to become friends with him proper.

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