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RPS Fic!

Title: Distraction

Rating: NC17

Pairing: Wentworth Miller/Tom Welling

Notes: This is my ode to Prison Break. Thank you to kho  for the beta (love you babe). I apologize to Wentworth in advance, just in case you're nothing like this. Sorry man. It's only coz I'm such a big fan. My portrayal of Tom Welling on the other hand, is, of course, totally accurate.

Summary: Went gets cruised.

Feedback: Is like gay sex. It RULES.



"Hey.” He offers his hand. “Wentworth. Or Went."


"Hey. Good to meet you. Prison Break is awesome, man."


Wentworth would love to return the compliment, but he thinks that Young Superman show is a pile of shit and he's not big on the lovey side of showbiz. Although Tom Welling doesn't seem like the tightly wound, arrogant son of a bitch he should be. With looks like that the entire female population of the world must be in love with the guy and it seems to have barely registered. Unless Tom is a better actor than Wentworth has given him credit for.


"Thanks, dude. It's been a lot of fun."


Fuck. Did he really just say that? Stop being an asshole, Went. "How's life in…" Shit. Where the hell do they film Superman?


Tom grins. "Vancouver. We're not shooting at the moment, so I'm back living in LA. Though what the hell I'm doing here” – he looks around the bar dubiously –“is anyone's guess."


Wentworth looks around with him and silently curses the fact that he comes here way too often. Ostentatiously downbeat, members only, and full of b-listers who don't know when to say when on the coke. Who think they're more important than they are because someone less important than them is sitting opposite. Some of them aren't so bad when they're not surrounded by their minions, but Wentworth wouldn't want to be friends with any of them.


"Yeah, it's lame. I don't know why I come here."


Nice work, Went. Way to be interesting.


"You come here often?"


And Wentworth nearly does a double take, because that's a line he didn't expect to come out of the guy's mouth. Is he for real? Or should Wentworth laugh?


He smiles instead, a small but knowing smile that Tom can interpret any way he pleases.


"Not as often as some of these freaks. More often than I should," Wentworth replies after deliberately leaving the silence to get a little awkward. "So what brings you to these here parts?" He affects a southern drawl and hopes to God he doesn't sound like an idiot.


Another grin from Tom, who really shouldn't smile so much because if it leaves other people feeling half as flustered as Wentworth feels right now, then people must come across as morons a lot of the time when they talk to Tom.


"I felt like getting out of the house," he says simply. "I thought I might see Mike down here but no, he's flaked out as usual." Tom shakes his head and wears an affectionate smile.


There are now way too many people standing at the bar.


"You wanna go grab a seat?" he blurts out. Christ. Could he be any smoother?


Another bout of freaky eye contact which could easily be interpreted as them staring at each other and Tom says, "Yeah."


Well that was easy.


They wander through the smoky lounge and Wentworth suddenly remembers why he likes this place. He can smoke here.


They slip into a booth and both slide around so they're looking out at the bar, and, more interestingly, are sitting next to each other. Kind of close. Wentworth digs his cigarette packet out of his jeans and taps one out, offers it to Tom.


"No thanks," Tom says and Wentworth likes that Tom didn't follow it with 'I don't smoke' because that fucking annoys him.


He lights the smoke and takes a long drag.


Tom starts asking him about Prison Break and Wentworth happily answers. Tom's easy to talk to and really just a nice guy. Not dumb either. And surprisingly funny.


Yeah, Tom is cool. Tom is someone he'd like to hang out with some more and it doesn't hurt a bit that he's pretty.


Wentworth hasn't gotten laid in a couple of weeks and it's starting to get to him. And sitting here with this living, breathing, walking, talking sex god is not making things any easier. Or maybe it is. Because even though he’s pretty sure Tom's straight or married or something, he could swear he’s being flirted with. Although that might just be the blow talking.


Damn, Tom's mouth is so…


Shit. Tom just asked him a question and he wasn't paying attention. "Um. What was that?"


Tom laughs. "Are you even listening to me?" he asks, good natured and easy. Almost unsurprised.


Wentworth laughs a little in response. "Sorry man. I got distracted."


Tom tilts his head and licks his lips a little. "By what?"


Okay, Tom knows what he's doing, that's for damn sure. He has to. No one can be that fucking hot and not know it. Not know what effect it's gonna have on people. Which means it might just be time to step up the pace.


"Your mouth, actually," he says, softly. Tom might have the face but Went's got the voice.


Tom clenches his jaw slightly and doesn't look away. Smile playing on his lips.


"What about my mouth?"


Wentworth laughs. "Ummm. Let me think how to respond to that."


Tom's smile widens. Turns into a grin. "Do you wanna get out of here?" he asks, and fuck, that's a lot bolder than Wentworth would have expected. This guy is full of surprises. He nods.


"Follow me," he says to Tom as he slides out of the booth. He's hard already and wants it taken care of. There's a place in the bar that'll be perfect for this.


He leads Tom to the room in question, opens the door and walks inside, Tom on his heels like an eager – very large - puppy. It's a cramped little room with a bunch of stacked up old tables and chairs and other random junk in it, it smells funny and it's kind of cold. But it's private and not too dark so he'll still be able to see Tom, look at him. Shuts the door behind them and smiles.


"This didn't take us long," he says and gets another grin for his trouble.


"I'm a big fan of Prison Break."


And with that they're on each other. Went attacks Tom’s mouth,  thrusts his tongue in, and Tom gives as good as he gets. His mouth just fucking made for this, lips like a girl's, but the stubble on his chin reminding Went just how male Tom really is. The cock digging into his hip another pleasant reminder.


Tom's hands are roaming all over Went's back and clutching, pulling at his tee shirt, getting his hands underneath it, long fingers digging into his skin. Kissing him like it's going out of fashion. There's no denying Tom's enthusiasm for this, that’s for sure.


Then Tom's hands are on Went's ass and he's squeezing it and moaning while he does it.


Wentworth lets his mouth travel over Tom's chin and down, down, over his neck, tracing patternless until he finds the pulse point and then he bites. He hasn't wanted to fuck someone so much in years, and when Tom puts a hand between them and presses the heel of it into Wentworth's hard-on, he yelps and bites harder.


"Fuck," he breathes out and he starts tugging ineffectually at his belt. Come on. He's gotta get his dick out into the open air and a part of his mind rejoices over the fact that it no longer feels cold in here and it no longer smells funny. It smells like him and Tom.


And sex.


His cock is in Tom's hand now and Tom's working him like a pro. "Fuck that's good," Went sighs.


"You feel good," Tom whispers into his ear.


Wentworth undoes Tom's pants without fumbling, thank fuck, and pushes them down. Boxers too.


"I want to suck you," he mutters and Tom's eyes flash with lustful expectation.


"Good," Tom says, lets go of Went's cock, and leans back against the door. Puts his palms flat against it and pushes his hips forward. Jesus, this guy is a fucking god.


Went drops to his knees and takes a look at Tom’s cock. Big and hard and leaking. He sucks on the head and the taste makes his eyes roll back. Good taste. Taste of sex.


Takes a little more into his mouth and looks up. Tom is gazing down at him and panting. So sexy.


More of his cock, more, and then pubic hair is tickling his upper lip. He sucks hard.


"Oh fuck. Fuck," Tom is chanting, not quietly either.


Wentworth finds his rhythm.


Hard cock sliding over his tongue, he tries to take it deeper each time and he allows himself to gag in the process. Which Tom seems to like because he groans whenever Went chokes a little, and keeps pumping his hips.


Sucking cock is one of Went's favorite things about sex, second only to getting his own cock sucked. Tom's dick is just right, it feels right to be doing this. Here. One hand holding Tom's hip, the other jerking him off while he sucks and sucks. Lust surging through his body like he's on ecstasy. Brain filled with all the possibilities. Everything he and Tom could do together in a less… public place.


"Oh God, oh fuck. I'm gonna-"


That's all the preamble Went gets before come fills his mouth in several hot spurts. A lot of come. Which he gulps down hungrily to a soundtrack of moans and gasps, before pulling off and catching his breath.


He stands up again and strokes his own aching erection as he watches Tom recover.


Then Tom kisses him again, nice and thoroughly. Letting Went know that he likes the taste of himself. He likes the taste of come.


Good news for both of them then, as Wentworth places his hands on Tom's shoulders and pushes gently. Blinding grin and then Tom's on his knees and Went's cock is in his mouth. That incredible mouth.


This won't take long.


Especially given that Tom's no slouch in the blowjob department. Fuck.


It's easy to slide fingers through Tom's hair and grab onto his head. Hold him still and fuck his mouth. Tom's arms are wrapped around his thighs and he's holding on to Went's ass. Massaging it in time to Went's thrusts.


He feels high, on top of the world. He's nearly there. "Oh Jesus-"


A last thrust in and his cock is in Tom's throat when he comes. Tom holding him still so all he can do is shudder through his orgasm.


They kiss again when their pants are done up. Maybe Tom's just being polite and Went would keep up the kissing for a lot longer if he wasn't worried about that.


They break apart.


"What are you doing now?" Tom asks.


Wentworth shrugs. "No plans."


"I might head back to my place if you want to come with me."


Doesn't this dude have a wife? Oh well, not Went's problem. "Sure."


Tom leads the way this time, and Wentworth follows. This is the best night he's had in ages.


The end.

Tags: fic, rps
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