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OMG Prison Break

I am DYING here. With love for the best show ever.

I have a complaint, and it's that the lawyer chick SUCKS. I can't get past it. She SUCKS. She's the least convincing lawyer/actress/human being on television and I'm annoyed by her presence and she reminds me of Demi Moore.  I mean that as an insult.

Yet the casting is generally great and I DO like the doctor a lot. And am grateful that there is at least some female talent in the show. Not that it really matters that much because hey, this show is about a hot sexy genius breaking out of prison. OMG. Television doesn't get better than that. End of story.

Let me count the ways I love thee. I love the pacing - every scene not only matters in terms of furthering the plot, it also reveals more about the characters involved in the scene. This is so reminding me of my Alias experience. I'm freaking out with love. Michael is the ultimate hero - hot as FUCK, but also ridiculously intelligent, charming and, most important of all, GOOD. The other inmates are 3 dimensional characters and scary with it. I love the slow reveal and the way they balance the shit that goes wrong with the shit that goes right. Because that's essential in television like this. Showing the hero making progress is what makes it enjoyable, showing him getting fucked over at every turn is what makes it exciting. BALANCE people. It's what makes good television go round. And I didn't even *mention* the music, which is BRILLIANT.

People keep talking about how unrealistic it is. I don't get that. It's the same as watching Lost and going, "oKAY, there is NO way a polar bear would be on a tropical island, OMG, that's so silly." The premise ROCKS. It's not meant to be real, it's meant to be awesome entertainment.

I am in LOVE with TV right now.

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