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Me again. Prison Break!

Yes, it's true. I have spent the entirety of my weekend so far watching television. It's been awesome.

It's also true that Prison Break is my new favourite television show ever! One ep down. So much Wentworth to go.

Oh GOD. He's just a walking sex machine of hotness and smarts and ridiculous tattoos that move when you look at them like those Magic Eye phenomena pictures. Who remembers them? But I'm mostly in love with his voice. Anyone else noticed his voice? No? Just me?

Ha! You've ALL noticed and you love it as much as I do!

And then there are his lips. Wentlips.

And just because I've been watching so many different shows today (the ultimate day!) I have to say this right now. Supernatural (which I'm about to watch again, oh god no) is such a pile of SHIT compared to other shows. You know, *good* shows. Like Prison Break.

I didn't really like the chick in it, in that she's so clearly not a lawyer. And when I say that, I'm totally blaming the actress. No one would ever buy her as a lawyer even if she really *was* a lawyer. Maybe she'll get better but right now I think she wasn't a very inspired piece of casting. And while I'm complaining, and no, this is not about the crazy premise because I'm on board with that so much it might make me seem crazy, I'm a little bit: uh, Wentworth is so hot. Too hot. He would, okay, I hate to say this but I have to just once, just because I've seen a lot of prison movies and it's an accepted thing about prison, and this is a maximum security prison (right?) with a lot of very bad men who haven't seen the light of day for a long while, so he'd get, like, a LOT of attention, *bad* attention, in a not-nice way. He WOULD. If I was in there, *I'd* be all over the guy. And I'm not even gay. But instead, he's the coolest guy in there from the start. Which works for me, of course, so it's not a realcomplaint. Just my filthy mind talking, really. Ignore me.

Crazy premise? LOVE. ING. IT. Because it's all about the Wentsmarts! He's all Wentastic! He's Wentingly Wentiful!

Prisons rule.

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