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The L Word!

The L Word is totally my new favourite show. Who the hell needs men? It makes me want to be a lesbian!

Because you know what? These characters are so REAL to me. Yeah, they're all a bit fabulous and beautiful but I know them. I've met people like them, I've had their problems, talked like them, done things that they've done (not with chicks, but still). I just love this show so much. I like that the characters aren't always likeable. That it took ages for Jenny to grow on me and I still don't know if I like her. But she's a great character (although OMG she's a "writer" and her writing is horrendous). Also, it's genuinely sexy. I honestly wouldn't have thought I'd find a show about a bunch of dykes sexy coz I really love men, but fuck me, they get it right. They get the chemistry right, they film it right, the music is awesome, it's funny, it's well written and acted. It has Shane, who I would turn for. It rocks!

So does anyone know anyone who talks about this show? I'd love to read some good LW meta.

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