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Supernatural Episode 5!

Right, but here, if you say Bloody Mary once, twice, thrice, into the mirror, a tasty alcoholic beverage spews out of your eyes and you die. Also, it's a good witch because she only kills people who have killed people and not told anyone, and she doesn't have to do a lot of flying around on her broomstick because only people who live with killers say Bloody Mary three times in the bathroom. What a brilliant plot.

The dumb blonde gueststar was particulalry convincing as a dumb blonde, whose best attempt at stopping her belligerent friend saying Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody Mary (oh God, my *eyes*) into the bathroom mirror was to whine, "no don't," and then I loved how she follows that with, "I can't believe you just did that!" Knock her out, you fucking moron!

Speaking of the killer dialogue in this show, what the fucking fuck? Who hired these writers?

Dean: This has got to stop! You have to stop having these nightmares and yelling your dead girlfriend's name out in your sleep!"

Uh, nice advice, bro. Though, correct me if I'm wrong, but most people don't have control over what they dream about.

Also, dear GOD that episode was boring. If it weren't for the eye candy I might have died of boredom. It wasn't even funny. Oh, except for the bit where that other blonde chick got whacked. That was pretty funny.

You suck, Supernatural.


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