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SV S5 Solitude

Smallville is a lot better without Lana.

Apart from the fact that this episode went on for a million years, I adored it. The Martha/Clark scene in the middle was one of the most beautifully moving I've ever seen on SV. This show doesn't usually make me cry but I won't lie, I got weepy. It was so well written and well acted and Jesus Christ Annette O'Tool was magnificent. Every line read to perfection, all of it so fantastically in character and so right and TW was just as good. God. But all the character stuff in Solitude was great. I liked every scene, particularly (I think you know what I'm going to say here) the Clark and his shiny glowing dildo scene. NICE WORK, SMALLVILLE. Chloe is my new personal hero, and even Jonathan was pretty damn cool. For once he was right about shit. I'm disappointed that the Fine story arc is over now, because he was a truly terrifying foe and SV totally should have kept him around for the entire season. The showdown being, like, 20 scenes before the end? Bad Smallville. No points. Not that I didn't enjoy the scenes that followed, because I did. Lionel is freaking me out in the best way possible. WTF is he up to? And Lex is at his sexy best when he's being a bitch. Lois and Lex? Hubba hubba.

Oh, and did I mention? Smallville is a lot better without Lana.

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