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An essay on Enter the Dragon

I went shopping for DVDs on Saturday, which I have to do periodically because my DVD collection bores me when there's nothing new in it. And I got S1 of The L Word because it was cheap and I like glamorous lesbians. I got Punch Drunk Love which is a masterpiece and I love it with all my heart. Run Lola Run coz I haven't seen it and I hear it's great and I love Franke Potenta.  And best of all I got Enter the Dragon, the uncut version. And that's the movie I want to talk about right now.

Enter the Dragon, the uncut version is a very exciting propspect for me because I haven't seen the nunchuck scene before, so looking forward to that.

But the reason this is my favourite ever martial arts movie is because of Bruce Lee.

As we all know, Bruce Lee is the hardest man who's ever lived.

The film illustrates this brilliantly, and you'll note when you watch it that Bruce Lee, quite rightly, kicks ass from start to finish.

In the final showdown, the dude, whose hand is made of knives, manages to slash Bruce Lee across the cheek and chest, but what does that achieve? It not only makes Bruce Lee look even harder, it also really *annoys* Bruce Lee, and it's just not smart to annoy the hardest man who's ever lived.

Apart from that, no one even hits Bruce Lee. It's basically a great big world of pain for everyone EXCEPT Bruce Lee.

This is unusal in action films. Usually, at some point, the hero will get beat down, so he can then come back at the end in some miraculous way and win.

But you can't do that with Bruce Lee, because we'd be all, uh, that's not realistic. There's no way in hell Bruce Lee isn't just going to kick everybody's ass from start to finish.

Which is why Enter the Dragon is one of the most realistic films ever made.

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